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To Unite

Come Together 


Compassionate - Holistic - Personalized Psychotherapy

Sheila Cahilig, LCSW  

Phone: (908) 322-9292   


Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes. - Carl Jung

Why Coalesce?

Do you feel your life is out of balance?

Do you want to build self-awareness and understanding?

Do you yearn to feel heard and accepted?

Are you looking to feel at peace and empowered from within?

I can help. I know it can be challenging to make changes, scary even. However, even a small step fueled by sincere intention can make an impact.

With my empathic compassionate approach, you will feel at ease to be yourself and let go of your burdens. Equipped with my practice of, and passion for Mindfulness we will navigate the terrain of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, discover connections, and find freedom in the moment. My years of experience will serve as a stable container to hold your emotions and experiences, and the diversity of my professional and personal background will be a panorama from which we see them. With a positive orientation, we will help you recognize your strengths and resources and see the "light in the dark."Let me join you on your journey. I am ready when you are.



Ever since I was young, I felt compelled to help others; it seemed natural. This arose from my background, innate abilities, personal experiences and was further fostered by my curiosity about people and fascination with the healing arts.


Life also seemed to direct me towards this path as, throughout my life, I would have numerous encounters with different people - some whom I knew, and some completely unknown to me - in which I would be confided to about something:  problems, pain, questions, things not easily shared, and long held secrets.  It is safe to say life provided me with preliminary practice in the helping field even before I went to school for it.

Following these cues from the universe, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, completed by Master's Degree in Social Work in 2009, and a few years later, obtained my License in Clinical Social Work. Since then, I have had the good fortune of having worked in a variety of treatment settings: from inpatient psychiatric hospitals, to residential, partial care and intensive outpatient programs, to outpatient.


Through my diversified professional experiences, I have developed and honed my skills and knowledge in helping those struggling with Depression, Anxiety, trauma, co-occurring conditions (addiction and mental health), psycho-social and rehabilitative issues, as well as addressing self-esteem, stress, and personal growth. 


SC professional photo 2.14.20.jpg

My personal life is a reflection and continuation of my work, as - in my "other life" - I  help others and nurture myself in a different way through the practice of Aikido, a Japanese martial art premised on harmony and non-violence, and intended as a mind, body, spirit practice (see more on https://www.tenchiaikidosomerset). Last by not least, I cherish spending time with my family and friends, reading, learning, and engaging in my own personal, spiritual studies for personal growth and self-care. 

[See my Psychology Today profile:]



Areas of Focus - Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, & Self-development

Individual Therapy

The true value and purpose of individual therapy is to create a protected space for self-study, awareness, and development which would ultimately improve and enhance overall functioning, and sense of well-being...

Stress &

While I have experience working with individuals who have had a variety of different mental health conditions ranging in...

Group Therapy

Group therapy can build on the work established by Individual therapy and shifts the focus from the intrapersonal to the interpersonal...


Please call or email to schedule an appointment or request a free, telephone consultation...

Depression, Anxiety, & Trauma

A significant number of my clients have struggled with Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma. In addressing these conditions...

Fees & Payment

Payment can be made before, or at your appointment...

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